February 4th from  1:00 to 5:00 pm

Isabella's Fine Olive Oils & Vinegars

Comes to Daveste vineyards 

Complimentary Tasting and products will be available for purchase.


Our fabulous olive oils are obtained from both hemispheres (i.e., olive oil producing countries such as Italy, Greece, California in the U.S., Tunisia, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina, and Portugal)

thus ensuring a year-round fresh supply.

Isabella’s Fine Olive Oils and Vinegars extra virgin olive oils are supplied to our customers with crucial product information measured at the time of crush: Country of Origin, Crush date, Polyphenol levels (antioxidant), oleic acid content,

peroxide amount, and acidity.

By providing this third party lab chemical analysis of our products Isabella’s differenciates itself from “Sub-stardard Olive oil bars” who can’t provide this information to customers given the fact that they treat olive oil the same way a grocery store does as a “COMMODITY”.

Isabella’s Fine Olive Oils and Vinegars gives customers relevant chemical and sensory data necessary to make and educated decision concerning extra virgin olive oil. Isabella’s goal is to change the way consumers understand and consume extra virgin olive oil. We believe that accurate information and first hand experience are the keys to a better understanding of Extra Virgin Olive Oil qualities.

In addition to our olive oils, we have 22 of the finest, Solera Aged and Naturally flavored balsamic vinegar condimento. Both white and dark barrel aged balsamic condimento are of the highest quality, with origins certified from Modena, Italy.

Vinegars such as Sherry from Spain and Champagne from France are also available at Isabella’s