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We're not just a winery! Davesté craft beer is brewed on site in small batches with water from our 600 foot deep well. Our typical offerings include:


  • Hefeweizen, a classic cloudy wheat beer with hints of banana and spicy clove, a light fruity scent and a blend of European style hops.

  • Blonde Honey, a light beer featuring clover honey, with a clean finish

  • Kolsh, a balanced beer with subtle fruit and hop character, and a subdued maltiness

  • Amber Ale, with medium maltiness and caramel character, using American hops for nuance and bitterness

  • New England IPA, a traditional IPA with moderate malt sweetness to offset a generous amount of Centennial and Cascade hop varieties

  • Oatmeal Stout, dark full bodied, rich and robust, with roasted malty notes of oatmeal. A smooth finish with a touch of sweetness that complements classically malty flavors 

  • Saison, the historic style is characterized by an ester spice taste and dryness barrel aged for 2 weeks for a smooth medium toasted oak finish.

  • Octoberfest, a rich aroma that's backed up by notes of bread crust toffee and biscuit soft, elegant and malty with a noble hop forward flavor this ale version still manages to finish clean.

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